Deyari Group in Iraq is benefiting from its geopolitical position in best way, capable of minimizing the risk of developing countries, is among the leading companies with its contribution to country's economic development and growth processes in areas it operates.


Group provides petroleum products and its derivatives in energy sector with main and sub segment products lubricant and battery, operates in tender operations of international logistics, domestic transportation, and procurement for public institutions as well as private institutions.


Since 2000, Deyari Group has built many partnerships with the goal of being “Iraq’s global supply chain and logistic company facing outside the world.” The group, always aimed to be best in production and services, has Iraq Macro Distributorship agreements with international leader energy and petroleum companies, mainly British Petroleum, Castrol, Royal Dutch Shell, Lukoil – Akpet, Johnson Controls - Varta, Gazprom - Gazpromneft Lubricants and G-Energy, in addition built active partnership with Aksoy Holding A.Ş.


Our agreement with mentioned leading companies has added great value to our group’s sales and distribution network under our supply chain and logistic services management.


By diversifying our services and operating areas, our group has created a trustful value chain. Group’s main services in developing Iraq can be summarizing as follows:


Supply Chain Management: Export, Import, production, Iraq Macro Distribution Agreements with international energy companies and successful foreign partnerships.

Logistic Services Management: International highway and container transportation as well as domestic transportation.

Tender Operations: Participate in tender operations for public and private institutions/organizations and foreign companies to procure goods and services.

Company is open to growth by providing field and operational services from commercial sales to marketing, transportation to storage, and manages them in an integrated way.


Thanks to its successful and sustainable partnerships, Deyari Group gained an international culture and became a global group company. Group still has manufacturing and service oriented trade relationships with many countries. Group’s performance and profitability inside the country made them a pioneer and a leading company in many countries.


Group has widespread service and distribution network in Middle East contries. Group provides the best service with high technology and high quality brands to its industrial customers. Bellowed are the factors helping us to offer goods with self-confidence:


  • Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Warehouse in Mersin, Turkey
  • District offices in Zakho, Erbil, Dohuk, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul, Suleymaniye, Hillah, Basra and Kamishli
  • 20.000 m² closed and 30.000 m² open transshipping fields,
  • Replenishing and stock depots more than 20.000 ton capacity,
  • More than 60 wholesale distributors,
  • After sales technical support services,
  • Dynamic human resource with 150 qualified and specialized staff and managers,
  • Technical after sales services for diesel vehicles.


Dignity, seriousness and reliability, moral understanding regarding commercial and social values and investing in human resources are the main actors of the company’s success story.


Deyari Group has dynamic and modern organization network that pays attention to corporate structure and best working conditions among country and regions. While choosing sectors main standards as a guide, Group aims to be more effective and more in demand with all of its units.


Regarding this idea, our main target is to build partnerships with guiding global companies to meet main and sub-sectors needs and to reach our strategic goals. With these partnerships we aim to be the best company determining production and service quality in Middle East market, to develop a value chain that protects the customer and innovations.


As a result of these experiences and partnerships, Deyari Group is among the one of the advance couriers of the sector and adapt to worldwide developments quickly.


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